I create original unique geometric name patterns and pattern designs. Geometric Name Patterns are words transformed into geometric pattern images. GNP's were born in Los Angeles in November of 2018. The pink shoes in the Claymonics logo is the word LOVE and the background pattern is the word HEAL. I am the first and only person creating GNP's. It is an art thats both intuitive and mathematical. Aehlex (c) Claymonics 2018

Geometric Word Patterns on Products for SALE at www.TheMysticEye.Space


Claymonics Owner Aehlex & Mascot Stella

I design all the patterns on my products. Claymonics began as a clay figurine shop. Although I am not currently selling clay figurines, I just love the old shops name and therefore kept it for my newest Pattern design products. The pink pattern on the shoes in the Claymonics profile photo is an extraordinarily unique geometric pattern of the word LOVE. I create pattern designs which cannot be replicated. LOVE is Super trippy to stare at lol, it gives great vibes & I cant find anyone else doing Name Pattern Generation...YET..so please buy original and spread the LOVE. The Zazzle stores Peach and yellow geometric banner is the word CHRIST. Inquire within to see GOD and more!




New LOVE Leggings Coming Soon
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